Black Lace Shower Curtain

Beautiful Lace Shower Curtain

Lace shower curtain – The decor of your bathroom with a lace shower curtain offers many possibilities. A white lace shower curtain will give your bathroom the illusion of more space because white reflects the best light airy colors do. White also blends perfectly with any color scheme you have in your towels, carpets or […]

Dragonfly Shower Curtain Fabric

Dragonfly Shower Curtain Decor

Dragonfly shower curtain – If you love the whimsical look of dragonflies, you might want to add color and shape to your bathroom decor. Some creative accents and pieces will make your bathroom a welcoming and relaxing place. Dragonfly bathroom decor is beautiful and delicate. One of my favorite bathroom decor themes because it is […]

Simple And Space Saving Vanity Perfect For Small Bathrooms Sink

How To Make A Linen Shower Curtain

A curtain fabric softens the look of your shower, and allows you to improve color and design scheme with a more dynamic shadow and texture. A linen shower curtain adds a cool crisp detail to the bathroom, and there is no reason why you can not do yourself, even if you’re a novice sewer. First, cut […]

American Standard Corner Shower Kits

How To Design Corner Shower Kits

An important component in a bathroom is the shower. Bathroom with walk in corner shower kits sign is very fashionable and there are many options to choose from. One of the most contemporary designs in showers is the glass block shower. It is suitable for both a small and large en suite and gives the […]

White Sheer Shower Curtain

Sheer Shower Curtain Ideas

Sheer shower curtain – Sheer curtains are like the little black dress, “go to” bite you grab when you want something smart and sophisticated, yet simple. Versatile sheer curtains can be used in traditional, formal occasions or as a temporary accent in the room as a bathroom. With its ability to coordinate with a broad […]

Curved Shower Curtain Rods Brushed Nickel

Change Curved Shower Curtain Rods

Curved shower curtain rods – When you first think about bathroom remodeling, most people see a bathtub. If the tub is old and a bit dingy, new tub may be just what you need. Before you go through the trouble of taking the old tub and put in a new one, consider your alternatives. There […]

Graceful Elephant Shower Curtain

Cleaning Elephant Shower Curtain

Elephant shower curtain – Shower curtains are constantly exposed to moisture from the shower, soap residue, buildup or rust fungi, so instead of using the curtain to discard a new … What better learn how to clean the shower curtain in order to seize it for much longer? We learn now! Brushing the elephant shower […]

Blue And White Nautical Shower Curtain

Nautical Shower Curtain Design For Perfect Bathroom Atmosphere

Nautical Shower Curtain – Now there is a tendency to decorate our bathroom in a variety of colors. Nautical shower curtain is involving a combination of the three colors: red, blue and white. You can choose this product with nautical design, which may contain shells and sand, boats and slopes. When you design your bathroom, […]

Best Corner Shower For Small Bathroom

Ideas Corner Showers For Small Bathrooms

Corner showers for small bathrooms – A corner shower is installed directly in the corner of your bathroom or in another room with plumbing for a shower stall. This type of shower is ideal for small spaces, since not occupy much of the wall. If you need to save space, a shower stall corner is […]