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Small Shower Stall Design

In the market today there are many types of bathtubs and showers. Each has a variety of features and specifications you should consider before choosing one over the other. Small shower stalls have several key identifiers that make your selection a little more difficult. Small shower stalls come in sizes. However, corner shower units are among the smallest available. Since a corner fit, one shower units are generally square and range in size from 39 to 41 inches (99-104 cm) along the sides. The bathtubs with shower fit into a corner too, but these units are much larger. The tubs usually stick to the standard length of 60 inches (152 cm), but are much broader, as they are square. Some hot corner, like whirlpools models, beyond measure.

The size form of the small shower stall is square. However, nowadays several corner showers are shaped like a baseball diamond. Two straight ends form a corner with a rounded side adjacent thereto. This diamond shape saves space in the bathroom and allows more room inside to shower comfortably. Corner tubs usually have a wider or longer than the other side. Some tubs have a slant face connecting the two straight sides forming the corner. Others simply have a third side, forming a triangle.

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