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Installing Neo Angle Shower Curtain Rod

Neo angle shower curtain rod – Shower curtains are hanging screens utilized in tubs with bath or shower. Neo-angle shower curtain rod is relatively simple to install yourself, particularly if you are replacing an old curtain rod. You‘ll need the new curtain rod, the included brackets and hardware, a hammer, a screwdriver, a power drill and eye protection. If you‘re not replacing an old curtain rod, you also require a measuring tape and level to mark places to install the neo-angle shower rod.

Neo angle shower curtain rod, use of a screwdriver to remove the screws holding the old shower rod brackets set up. Remove the old rod and brackets coming from the wall. Line up the highest hole from the new bracket with the highest or outer-most old mounting hole. Mark in which the new bottom hole will certainly be.

Neo angle shower curtain rod drills the new mounting holes to mark upon the wall. Make sure to wear eye protection during this step. Install plastic wall anchors in each new mounting hole, and replace any damaged wall anchors in mounting holes you‘ll reuse. When the wall anchors are installed, attach the new shower rod brackets by using the screws that came using the new rod. If there was no rod previously installed, measure the desired height to the brackets and check each placement having a level before drilling the mounting holes.

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