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How To Install The Wall Mount Bathroom Sink

Place a small pan under the drain elbow and remove the cap from the cleaning. If the drainage equipment has one, surely it is in the bottom of the elbow. Let the water drain into the bucket.  Locate the nut securing the drain elbow drain extension that fits the wall mount bathroom sink. Try removing it by hand. If this does not work, gently hold the nut with pliers extensible enough to remove by hand. Gently turn the outside elbow extension drain. This will allow the water to flow into the hub side.

Locate the nut just below the wall mount bathroom sink. Try removing it by hand. If this does not work, gently grab the nut to loosen it extensible and pliers. Allows drainage pipes falling into the bucket to prevent water from spilling on the floor of the cabinet. Locate and separates the parts of the new drainage equipment. Examine them to ensure that all the necessary pieces are there.

Centerpiece ensures the drain flange immediately below the wall mount bathroom sink drain. Adjust only by hand. Connect the elbow to the centerpiece. Leave the nut loose enough to maneuver the elbow and connect it to the drain extension. Secure the elbow to the drain extension and tighten by hand.

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