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How To Install Brass Shower Curtain Rod

Brass shower curtain rod – When you are installing install brass shower curtain rod. First you must take into account the width of the gap that you will take, but you do wall to wall, it is advisable to leave about 20 cm more on each side of the window. Then you see that is what most stands out by reference to the same wall and you add 2 cm so that the fabric does not support it. Example: If your radiator stands 14 cm you should look for a wall mount measuring at least 16 cm from the wall.

Brass shower curtain rod supports for the bar to go to the wall can put the height you want, but it’s better if you keep symmetry.  If the roof window you should put 20 cm to 10 cm to fit you right in the middle. Since there is no universal rule for this, if you like what most stuck to the ceiling can do it too.

When choosing to install a roof brass shower curtain rod must consider the space you have on the roof if you have molding or a gallery. This is because if your radiator 14 cm protruding from the wall and you has a molding both 10 cm from the wall, you cannot do it unless you put it in front of the molding. A not advisable position for a bar.

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In this article we present ideas and products review that can be an option to realize your project about brass shower curtain rod

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