Shower Tub Faucet Stuck

Directions For Connecting The Shower Tub Faucet

Shower tub faucet – The houses and antique shops may only be equipped with a shower head. Unless the plumbing for the shower has been installed before the walls near the tub, it is necessary to break a wall to add a shower in the bathroom, which is a long and expensive process. To avoid these costs plumbing and enjoy the convenience and savings of water from the shower, you can connect a faucet shower head directly to the bathtub faucet.

Directions for connecting the shower tub faucet: 1) Read the instructions carefully shower head to get familiar with the requirements of specific product installation. Screw the shower hose to faucet in the tub, if you thread. Wrap the threads of the hose with Teflon tape if you have problems with leaks and then screw it back into place. Adjust the hose with a pair of pliers. If the shower head is slid able, place the rubber gasket on the tap with pliers if you cannot do with just your fingers. 2) Screw the shower head at the other end of the hose if it is not already attached. Wrap the ends with Teflon tape if you have problems with leaks. 3) Fixed shower tub faucet bracket to the wall of the tub. Moisten suction cup holder and then press them to the wall. Some brackets are hooked on the curtain rod shower instead of being fixed to the wall with suction cups. In that case, just hook it over the curtain rod and then hang the head in the holder.

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